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Need Student Accommodation? Look Into Your Loft

Around 50% of all UK university students are amongst those still living at home even whilst they study: with the cost of tuition fees and steeply rising accommodation costs being cited as main reasons for the rise of “the commuter student.” One solution to help your grown-up learner live-in, with the rest of the family alongside (and on-side with the plan) could be to extend your home with a loft conversion.

dormer window loft conversion

Is It Worth Having My Loft Converted?

A loft conversion is a major investment of time and money, so you need to be sure it’s worth it for you! One of the best ways to weigh up whether a loft conversion’s going to be worth it is to consider all the benefits, alongside any specific worries which could apply to your situation.

How to Create Headroom for a Loft Conversion

Most homeowners want a loft conversion because they want to create more room - and of course, to create a room which provides comfortable, even luxurious and elegant accommodation, there must be plenty of headroom for moving around and making the most of the new space. So what do you need to know?

Should You Retile When Converting Your Loft?

Having a whole new loft conversion is an exciting step, but if you start to think about replacing the roof tiles whilst you’re at it, you could be concerned about it also turning into an expensive one!
However, the good news is that for most loft conversions, it’s really not necessary to retile the roof. And there's even better news ...

Terraced house loft conversions seen from above

Can I Convert My Loft?

When it comes to the problem of not having enough space in the home, one of the most budget-friendly solutions is to expand your existing space, perhaps by moving on up, instead of moving on out? However, as with all good ideas, possible solutions often give rise to more questions so here at Abbey Lofts we aim to help you with some answers to that big one which usually starts it all: can I convert my loft?

Top Ideas for a Terraced House Loft Conversion

When the family or a hobby grows, the accommodation offered by the average terraced house can start to feel cramped and leaving the local area can be the last thing you want to do. If that’s the case, it can make sense to stay put and look to the loft for extra living space, with a terraced house loft conversion.

Use Your Loft to Generate a Rental Income

Whilst most of us want to extend upwards to realise potential space, it’s certainly becoming evident that many of us also want to realise potential income from our homes – and with a loft conversion, it’s possible to achieve both!

Loft Conversion Epping

How Long Does It Take to Convert a Loft?

Although suggested timescales are estimated, sometimes it’s just useful to know what to expect, particularly if you have work and a family to consider.

Stud wall and insulation in a loft

How to Create a Soundproof Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is a great way to extend your living space, but no one wants a music room which causes arguments with the neighbours or a cinema room which disturbs those sleeping below.

How to Pick the Right Loft Conversion Specialist

A loft conversion is a significant investment of your money and time - and can also have a considerable impact on your domestic life and well-being. With such high stakes, managing your loft conversion project in a professional way is essential for maximising the return on your investment in your financial, as well as family future.

How to Create an Eco-Friendly Loft Conversion

In terms of creating something like a loft conversion, eco-friendliness means that the processes involved in the manufacture of components, as well as those components themselves, are not toxic or harmful to the environment. So how does this translate into an eco-friendly conversion?

Telford Avenue Loft Conversion

Can I Convert My Loft If I Live in a Conservation Area?

Properties and localities of conservation areas can offer very special character features and histories. Of course, this is all part of the charm of living in such an area but can make it more difficult to do everyday things such as extending the property with a loft conversion.

London Roof Terrace

Can I Have a Roof Terrace and a Loft Conversion?

When looking into increasing the size of living accommodation, the most popular choices are building an extension or creating a loft conversion. However, when having access to outside space is as much a consideration as space inside, neither of these two choices seem to work - after all a loft conversion only creates space inside, not outside, right?

Combi Boiler

Want to Convert Your Loft but There’s a Water Tank in the Way?

Despite the fact that British homes now prove that we’re well and truly in the era of the combi-boiler, with over half of UK homes heating their water this way, in many lofts a water tank still lurks.

Stylish London Loft

Why Are So Many People Converting Their Lofts in North London?

It’s official – homeowners in North London have increasingly been converting their lofts instead of moving, part of a trend which looks set to continue into 2017.