Loft Conversions Waltham Abbey

Lying on the Greenwich Meridian, Waltham Abbey is found in the south west region of Essex. Like many other Essex towns it is a popular residential location for many London commuters, providing a much more relaxed pace of life than the city centre.

Whether you live in Waltham Abbey, or Clacton-on-Sea in the north east of Essex, Abbey Lofts are the company to turn to if you are considering a loft conversion. Being one of the most popular forms of UK home improvements, a loft conversion comes with many tangible benefits. Often up to 30% of a home’s potential space in located in the usually unused loft space, therefore choosing to convert a loft is simply to utilize existing space. Whilst it is possible to attempt a DIY loft conversion, the many pitfalls faced make it far preferable for the majority of people to instruct a professional loft conversion company such as Abbey Lofts.

In most houses, existing ceiling joists are designed solely to support the weight of a ceiling, and not a floor of a loft conversion. It is therefore imperative to install RSJs to support the new flooring and ensure a safe construction.

When installing a loft conversion, a reputable company will look out for any home improvements to be made along the way, for example addressing exiting roof problems to ensure your new rooms stay dry and free from damp, and to improve on the insulation within your home. The initial outlay involved in constructing a loft conversion in Waltham Abbey my be recouped not just by the increase in your property’s value, but also in the reduction in heating bills that modern insulation will bring.

If you are considering a loft conversion in Waltham Abbey and want to talk to the experts, call Abbey Lofts today on 0203 581 0354.