Loft Conversions Essex

With one of our teams based in Chelmsford, Essex is a very practical county for us to do loft conversions in.

Houses in Essex, Greater London were predominantly built in the 1930s and many were unable to convert their lofts without planning permission with the old permitted development rules. Fortunately, we can now help many homeowners convert their lofts with the new rules and Ilford is a typical area with a strong Asian community where we are enjoying an increased demand

Loft conversion Essex Exterior

Essex has become a recent addition to the areas that we have been working in, but has enormous potential with the abundance of 1930’s style properties that have proved ideal homes for converting. In recent times it has become very difficult for first time buyers to get started on the property ladder. With the current lending constraints, the deposits now required for first time buyers has pushed many families into remaining together for much longer and hence the need for extra space. Loft conversions have in the majority of cases provided the answer to this increasing problem. Some of our recently completed lofts were for newly weds to stay in the family home but to have their own space.

Loft Conversion Essex

With the majority of properties in the area being 1930’s, the types of conversions are either, dormer conversions or a hip to gable conversions. The dormer conversion is typically for terraced properties and the hip to gable loft conversions for the semi-detached properties.  The two main factors determining the potential space in these style properties is the width of the house and the height of the pitch. Anything over 2.3 meters headroom to the apex is ideal. It is possible to convert lofts with less headroom but these properties require a little more thought in terms of engineering. Lowering the ceilings on the first floor is an option if headroom is low but this is very disruptive and can add substantial costs.

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