Loft Conversions Harwich

The northernmost coastal town in Essex, Harwich is one of the five Haven Ports along with Felixstowe, Ipswich, Harwich Navyard and Mistley. Formerly an important location for the Royal Navy, today Harwich is an important sea port for ferry services for the Hook of Holland and Denmark.

Harwich is home to many dockside workers, and enjoys a thriving tourist industry for the numerous foreign visitors arriving at the ferry port each day. With the older part of the town protected for its architectural heritage as a conservation area, Harwich is a picturesque UK Port.

As with properties in many other coastal towns, a property offering sea views or sea glimpses is always a sought after commodity. If your Harwich property does not currently benefit from such views, perhaps adding a loft conversion may allow it?

A loft conversion complete with roof terrace, or perhaps just a small balcony, could add a new dimension to your Harwich property. Who can deny the alluring qualities of the sea, the smell of salt on the air and the screech of seagulls soaring above? Choosing to convert a disused loft space into a simple lounge area from which to enjoy the view could be the best decision you ever made, creating your very own little bit of calm.

A loft conversion has numerous uses from additional living space, sleeping space, relaxing space to playing space, work space, or simply storage space. Whatever your requirements, our team of experts at Abbey Lofts have over 10 years experience of designing, planning and building loft conversions in homes just like yours. Request a free call back today to arrange your free no obligation feasibility study.