Loft Conversions Borehamwood

Following the displacement of Londoners following World War II, towns such as Borehamwood experienced a large increase in population with the creating of large areas of council housing. Today ‘British Hollywood’ is experiencing yet another increase in the population, as many of the 1950s council houses are now in private ownership, and an abundance of new homes are still being built.

1950s housing stock is well designed to maximise living space, and provides great properties in which to convert the loft space into habitable rooms. The cheapest option is always to install a simple dormer loft conversion, providing you have a minimum height of approximately 2.3 metres over half the floor area to make the conversion worthwhile.

For a more substantial loft conversion on Borehamwood, consider a hip to gable loft conversion. This is created by extending the ridge line of a hip-end roof to make it into a gable-end roof, resulting in a much larger loft area. It will effectively add on the required space to enable the staircase and perhaps a shower-room to be built and also increase the standing space available in the loft.

If you are looking to create a loft conversion in your Borehamwood property but are not sure which type of conversion is right for your property, or what your budget will allow, our creative team at Abbey Loft Conversions are here to help. A free site visit and chat to our expert team will furnish you with all the information and ideas you require to make an informed decision on what is right for you. No matter how vague or rigid your current ideas are, Abbey Loft Conversions will work with you to create your perfect loft conversion in Hertfordshire.