Loft Conversions Lambeth

The Inner London Borough of Lambeth has the highest population density of all inner London Boroughs. Stretching from the South Bank and Lambeth in the north, down through Brixton, Stockwell and Clapham to the leafy suburbs of Dulwich, Gipsy Hill and Tulse Hill, the Borough really is one of contrasts.


Brixton is a vibrant, multiethnic centre, still home to the families of many of the West Indian immigrants who first arrived here in the 1940s and 50s. Primarily a residential area, Brixton experiences the strict planning rules of the Lambeth Borough, making loft conversions in Brixton only really an option if they can be carried out under permitted development laws.

If your property does fall under the conditions for permitted development in Lambeth, then there is a range of loft conversion options open to you. Dormers can be built on the rear and the hipped side of a roof where the slope of the roof does not face a highway. A hip-to-gable conversion is also permitted in the same circumstances, which can provide a particularly large loft conversion. A hip to gable loft conversion is only suitable for houses that are already hip-ended, such as many semi-detached or end of terraced properties. The existing roof is extended in line with the external wall, and the finished loft conversion leaves the house looking as though the roof was originally built to this design.

The spacious leafy Victorian estates such as Telford Park and Roupell Park in Streatham are continually popular with middle class families. Loft conversions within a family home are a great way to create extra space to allow the family to spread out and enjoy their own space. A dedicated games room or simply a quiet room at the top of the house can help to put an end to family squabbles, or an extra loft bedroom or bathroom may be just what your family needs.