Loft Conversions Sutton

The Outer London Borough of Sutton contains the popular residential areas of Cheam, Wallington, Carsholton and Worcester Park. Being close to the North Downs, Sutton residents enjoy all the benefits of the City with rural countryside just on their doorstep.


Part of the large St Helier residential estate lies in the Borough of Sutton. St Helier Estate was built by the London County Council between 1928 and 1936 to re-house families from the decay of inner city London. Built on the large lavender fields on land historically owned by Westminster Abbey, all roads are named after Monasteries and Abbeys. Built to Tudor Walters standards for council houses, each property was built with a floor space of at least 760 square feet. All properties had inside toilets, and although not spacious were a far cry from inner London’s overcrowding.

Whether a terraced house or cottage on the St Helier Estate, many people took advantage of the Right to Buy scheme and today many of the properties are privately owned. Being an area with a strong sense of community, and more affordable housing St Helier enjoys a continued popularity. Living space in a St Helier property can be greatly enhanced simply by adding a loft conversion. Particularly in a house that was originally built without a dedicated bathroom, a loft conversion can provide modern bathroom facilities without eating into bedroom space.

Adding a loft conversion in the Borough of Sutton can transform a standard small family house into a distinctive family house where all space is used to its maximum potential. A large four bedroom property in Cheam could be extended upwards into an extraordinary five or even six bedroom home simply by converting the loft space into living space. Adding a loft conversion to your Sutton property is a lot less intrusive than you may at first think, and could add thousands to the value of your home.