Why Choose Abbey Lofts

We could say many things about Abbey Lofts and what we feel separates us from other loft conversion companies in the areas we cover – North London, East London, West London, Herts, Essex and Buckinhamshire – but feel that the most important and sincere response would be to en-courage all prospective clients to view one or two recently finished conversions (some of which have been Featured in The Sunday Times) and hear what our clients feel about our company and the quality of the conversion.

In addition, we also suggest that they view one or two of our conversions that were completed some time ago to be sure our continuing support remains a priority. This way, even where we have been recommended, relationships with new clients are built on a good foundation. If we were to try and highlight some of our strengths and answer the question ‘Why Choose Us’ we feel the following would be an honest appraisal:

Sensitivity to the Client

We are very conscientious as a company and pay a lot of attention to our client’s hopes and desires. We also encourage and embrace their creative input. We install the new staircases very early (week 2-3) when possible to allow our clients to enter into the new space and discuss the best way to maximise and optimise the conversion before building the stud walls.

Great Communication

Our management team has a history in company management and understands the importance of good and well-timed communication to ensure not only a smooth process, but also clear transfer of information between clients and ourselves. To help with clarity of information we also provide regular weekly financial reports for our clients. This way everyone is clear regarding payments and if any extras are agreed and added they will be visible on the statements, avoiding unnecessary confusion when it comes to the final payment detail.

Completing Contracts on Time

We understand the importance of completing a contract within an effective timescale and most contracts are finished between 6 and 8 weeks. Completing the snagging and not loosing focus is a notorious problem in this industry and we recognise the importance of providing closure for our clients. Also, completing jobs in a timely manner helps us with the recommendations that we work hard for and of course also allows us to start building our next quality loft conversion.

Independent Warranty

We at Abbey Loft Conversions Ltd recognise the genuine concerns people have entering into loft conversion contracts on their cherished homes, and as such we provide 10 years independent warranty with all our work.

We decided to go much further in offering peace of mind for all our clients though and as standard with all new contracts we provide, at no extra cost, independent warranty. As well as being fully insured, the IWA (www.iwa.biz) underwrite all our work and will cover up to £50,000 for 10 years, which we hope goes some way towards easing any major concerns for our clients.

Years of Experience

We have been converting lofts in North London and home counties for more than 14 years and although we’ve now completed over 500 loft conversions, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve our service

Our Business is Built on Recommendations

We have built our business on recommendations and we would consider failure to gain your reference and great feedback unacceptable.
Our teams have been with us from the start of our company and we have evolved our business as a family-style enterprise.

Seeing our work and meeting our clients will save us blowing our own trumpet any further. Our work and our clients will do a much better job.